© William C. Ratcliff 2013 Evolve your own multicellular yeast Predator-imposed selection for multicellularity Further reading Evolutionary origins of multicellularity A pair of labs exploring the evolution of multicellularity This website provides resources for high school and college instructors interested in teaching the evolution of biological complexity. Here we describe two experiments that allow students to directly observe the evolution of multicellularity. We provide a free kit and the curricula to get you going! Help us improve our labs. These labs are still brand-new. We would greatly appreciate any feedback on how they worked in your classroom. Are you a high school teacher in Atlanta interested in helping us test and improve curricula? Email prof Will Ratcliff to get involved! See a short video abstract of the scientific research that inspired this lab.  (used with permission from a paper published at BioScience). Read a brief overview of the labs.