© William C. Ratcliff 2013 William Ratcliff (Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech) led the team that created these labs. They would not exist without the amazing work of Tami Limberg (Biology instructor at Great River High School) and Nicholas Beerman (Biology instructor at MacDowell Montessory High School). University of Minnesota teaching professor Sehoya Cotner played a critical role constructing and implementing the first lab, as well as getting it written up for The American Biology Teacher. These labs also would not exist without the encouragement and support of Ratcliff’s postdoctoral advisor Michael Travisano, and have been improved through discussions with R. Ford Denison, Mark Borrello, Jennifer Pentz, Matthew Herron, Sam Westreich and Allison Raney. We are especially grateful to the Society for the Study of Evolution for supporting this work through the 2013 Thomas Henry Huxley Award for scientific outreach (to Will Ratcliff), and the National Science Foundation for funding (via grant DEB- 1315147). Origin and Contributors Get the latest updates on the Ratcliff lab’s research See what is going on with the University of Minnesota group Our funder PI Will Ratcliff with his cutest multicellular creation. NGSS standards for high school biology Contributors Nicholas Beerman and Tami Limberg. Contributor Sehoya Cotner.