© William C. Ratcliff 2013 National Science Foundation support has allowed us to provide free kits for the predation lab. This kit contains key materials and reagents required for the lab (though some supplies and equipment must be provided by the instructor). Kit contents 1 mL fixed, Congo red stained unicellular yeast 1 mL fixed, methlyene blue stained unicellular yeast Unicellular yeast spores Multicellular yeast spores 6.5g of YPD+Agar Media (enough for 150mL of culture media) 10 glass concavity slides 1 sterile multi-well culture dish (for plating yeast spores) Materials supplied by the instructor Compound microscopes Transfer pipets/Micropipettes Microscope slide coverslips Distilled water Predators (Rotifers)   The Kit For Lab 2: Yeast predation Lab 1: Experimental evolution The kit is designed mainly for Lab 2: yeast predation.  For Lab 1: experimental evolution, you will need yeast spores from this kit, but will need to provide the rest of the materials. This lab requires much more teacher preparation, materials and time. However, in this lab students will actually see evolution in action. The yeast students evolve in Lab 1 can also be used for predation exercises in Lab 2! Required for Lab 1: Shaking incubator Liters of YPD culture medium Test tubes 1.5 mL centrifuge tubes Micropipettes Serological pipettes with bulbs/pumps Concavity slides Coverslips Compound Microscope Rulers Parafilm Aluminum foil **A complete and detailed materials list can be found in the teacher materials documents.   Mailing distribution as of January 2018 (does not include distributions at talks and workshops)